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A New Admin on Another Forum has Just Landed here!
Hello Carders Forum Users,
My name is Daniel. I am 26 and is located in Scandinavia - Nothern Europe.
I have a vision about creating the best carding ressources in the world.
I want carding to be looked at as an art-style. Not a crime!
Carders help to push security forward and make people see the world as it is.
And for the ones being extremely good at it - it is their call. We have to respect that.
The only ones that get harmed is the banks of the world and they are more corrupt than any Carder/Hacker/Cracker/BlackHat in the world.
But for this to happen we need to work with each other and share ideas without thinking about profit all the time. Offcourse we need to profit.
But let's profit in a smart and caring way. Let's utilize the time we live in and let's work on making the world bank pay in the last end.
I am working on a Carders Forum Exclusive eBook titled: The Ultimate Carding Experience [Summer Edition 2021]. I have set the release date to the 6th of June 2021.
I am looking for serious and knowledge Carders to help form the never-before released information about the Carding Scene plus share methods. Every contribution will
be credited both financially and by name or whatever you want. It is not going to be a book we want to be sold on Amazon or found at any leak site. We want to make it
a gift to the premium members - the contributors - the intelligent carders of the Carders Forum family.
I have some great ideas for how it is going to be marketed and I am going to self-publish via The Wisdom Project. A project which want to focus on combining different
arts like Cracking/Hacking/Programming/Psychology/Privacy Rights. A free Internet controlled by no-one other than the REAL Ethic Groups of the world. Who see internet
fraud and crime as a way to press technology to it's limits and as a precursor for development and innovation.
I need 7 Serious Carders - 7 Serious Hackers/Crackers and 7 Social-Engineers!
I am in contact with some serious Dark Minded Groups. I am waiting for their response to this project.
Come on guys. Let me hear what you think about my introduction and vision! <3
TheSon777 / DarkDaniel
Author and Coach with good intentions and a Dark Mindset.

Fighting for wiping child molesters of the planet Earth and securing the Privacy Rights we all had in the beginning of Times.
Paid adv. expire in 19 days
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    Verified & Trusted Carded iPhone & Samsung Phones: XS, XSMAX, 8+, 8, 7 Plus, S9+, Ant Miner & Macbooks

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