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Botnet basics [General]
This thread was last edited: 4 days ago

A botnet uses network connected computers, who are all controlled by a third party. The name of these computers are typically called "Bots" "Zombies" "Infected" etc..

But what could a botnet be used for?

Many things.

BTC (Bitcoin, untraceable money)


Proxy servers

Torrent seeding

Downloading other files

List could go on and on..

The most commonly used clients are IRC, and HTTP, and Application clients. considering these are open source, and/or public.

Now, people are becoming more and more clever, making botnets using Twitter, Youtube,  i'll admit i personally had one on a website called "Xat".

Anyways, each client has it's ups and downs,

HTTP could easily be detected, can contain errors, and requires root access to modify the allowed functions i.e or something of the sort. IRC is the most stable and is much much harder to find. It is recommended that if you have one, you don't use your own connection to host  the server.

Finally one of the most risky of the clients. Application clients. The reason they are so risky, is because all of the bots connect to your own network. Think about it, 700 bots using Verizon connected to Verizon isn't going to go, "Oh this is probaly just a coincidence.. derp" Of course they will investigate, and eventually get caught.

Now.. if you are going to use a botnet, i recommend 1, making your own, learning algorithms, and how they work, get into networking and data encryption as well as Assembly (machinery code). Reason is because, most Open-Source software has already been used, and crypters don't last forever. However if you make your own, understand how data signatures from antivirus are read. You can make a successful botnet.
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