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Carding Stripe Method Tutorial 2021 - How to card Stripe
This article will not describe how to register accounts, I will indicate the key factors that must be taken into account and the process itself. If I see feedback, I might write a second detailed article on registration.

We must register an account for a business that is located next to the holder, preferably something simple, but with a normal website, without the specified mail in contact us (restaurants, hotels, auto repair shops, barbershops). You can use a fullz business, there will be more trust in them. Or register accounts for corporate mail, copy a business website and modify it for yourself. We use either ba or brute logs. If brute, then you need the name of the owner. You need to break through the owner's full account, through instachemate, or find a namesake and register an account for it (so that the name matches the name of the ba).

After registering an account, passed the verification, click setting and then issuing


Here we select these items and through a translator we write why we want to use virtual cards in our business.

Example: in order to give them to their employees, to pay for their travel, passages (here it is necessary to think himself)

It is important to point out that the cards will be issued to employees of the business and be used only for the purposes of the company, are also examples of the use (business flights, business lunches and etc.)


We click further and see the following, now your account is completely ready, sometimes it says that verification is in progress, you click on this text, go to personal information, open it and just confirm (this is a bug) and after verification will be passed. Sometimes you just need to wait 5-10 minutes and update.


Click add funds, we are taken to the balance page, in the issuing balance column we click add again. A window will be highlighted, we confirm (we sent the minics to our ba, after 1-2 days they need to be checked and confirmed)

After confirming the minics, go to balance and click add funds


Now we make a deposit for 5-10 dollars in order to warm up the account and use a bug with which we can make a deposit in 1 day. The bug lies in the fact that the first payment goes to hold in 7 days, after it is successfully received, the system allows you to receive a deposit in 1 working day. At the moment, it works once after a while, but the result will please.


The limit is 5k per week, it can be raised to 30, but I do not recommend doing this.

We make the first warm-up deposit, after the 2nd deposit, at 2500 each and indicate the notes to the payment that this money will go to a business lunch and so on (for business needs). But now everything has become more complicated and it will be easier, just send at once 2 times for 2500 and wait 7 days of hold, then create a vcc and successfully merge it through revo or apple pay.


I share this knowledge with you because I have more interesting things. You must understand that in fact, you will have to face bans, waste on material and not the fact that it will pay off.

This is not a magic button, you will waste energy, time and nerves. Sometimes 10 out of 10 accounts will be in the ban, just because you have fallen under the hot hand of antifraud, but it still works.
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