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Clone or use live NFC card software
This thread was last edited: 2 days ago

All asking for a tool to clone nfc card or to use it in live
you can process nfc card wiht 2 phones or with 1 just replay it

The only security can be:
- Zone limited(cant use it over other states or country of CC owner)
- NFC amount limited(every card or bank dont have the same limit with NFC)
- If the card owner make onother transaction after you clone it, your clone dont work anymore, because during sinchronisation with the bank server and pos is gonna be 1 transaction not present inside your nfc clone.

The attack can be made in replay mode with 1 phone or in live from 2 part of the world if you want :)
advice: try with your NFC card first so you see how it work.... :D
To facilitate protocol analysis, NFCProxy should be installed on two NFC enabled Android devices. One end will relay requests directly to a credit card. The other end will proxy a reader's requests over WiFi to the relay end.
Version 0.1.2 should work with the latest version of Cyanogen. You just need to make sure NFCProxy is running in the foreground.

How to use NFCProxy:
1) Make sure both phones are on WiFi (or figure out how to connect to each other directly over IP)
2) Decide which phones will act as the Relay and which will act as the Proxy.
3) On the Proxy side, go to settings and set the IP address of the Relay node. (The relay's IP address should be shown in the Relay's settings section)
4) Decide if you want to encrypt the transmission between the Proxy and Relay. (This makes transactions slower. You may not need this if using WPA. Encryption settings need to be set on BOTH Relay and Proxy sides)
5) Place the Relay phone on a credit card. (The Relay phone will indicate if the card has been detected. If you don't see anything, move the card and phone around until they detect)
6) Place the Proxy phone near a POS terminal (You may need to leave the phone near the reader for a couple of seconds)

Check the Status tab on the Proxy end of error messages. Occasionally, you'll get error messages on the Relay end too.

You can long press the transactions in the Data tab to:
Replay the Tag/Credit card (for a reader)
Replay the PCD/Reader (to read credit card)
Delete the transaction from the screen
Save the transaction to the local database (Unencrypted)
Export the transaction to a file (Unencrypted)

All transactions in the Data tab are transitory unless you explicitly save them (e.g. if you hit the back button, they're gone).

The Save tab contains saved transactions. Clicking on these entries puts the phone in replay mode (either PCD or Tag). NFCProxy comes with some pre-saved transactions. You can use these transactions to test your cards. Different types of credit cards will elicit different requests from a PCD, so the built-in transactions are not guaranteed to work with your card.

You can find a demonstration video of NFCProxy in use at:

hope it help you
with respect
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