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Credit Card Checker Working & Valid 2021 Carding
Let us say that you have gone ahead and got yourself a CC from a good source.

Now what?
You are going to want to do is check it validity to make sure it is alive and able to be used.

This is an easy process.
Go ahead and connect to the nearest IP of the CC holder’s address using SOCKS5.
Your IP location doesn’t have to match exactly as the cardholder’s ZIP but make sure your IP is as close to the CC holder’s ZIP as possible.
Make sure your time zone is correct (matching the CC holder’s city/state), cookies cleared, etc.
Now you will go to (link opens in a new window) and click Sign In.


In a separate tab go to (link opens in a new window) and you make a custom temporary email to sign up using a CC holder’s name like for example johnsmith33[at] and you are all set as far as email is concerned.


Now use the custom email that you just created on to sign up for a “Stub Hub” account.


If you’ve done everything like we explained they will let you sign in with no problems, after which you will go to the “Settings”
menu and click “Add Payment” and enter the “CC” info that you got.


Once you click on “Continue”, they will require you to fill in “name, address, phone number, email,” once done click “Save”.


Now, this is where things get really interesting, if the CC data is valid, so in other words as long as the bank does authorize your CC only then the CC will be added as a payment method. (while we conducted our tests for our case study to present you with, the CC that wasn’t live did NOT get added, so we had to use a new one and that got added with no problems).


Now you know how to manually validate your CC, yes it is a slightly longer process that has its own range of benefits and “DOESNT kill your card” as those checkers do.

Understandably, a lot of you might be skeptical to do this but we can assure you that we have tested this extensively before representing this to you and this is the way to go, if you check the card using those “nasty and hash checkers” you should wait another 5 minutes and then give another go on those “CC checkers” we are almost certain that “7/10” sometimes “8/10” times your card would be “dead” upon initiating the second “CC Checker” check.

I hope you have learned a new way to generate more revenue by keeping your cards alive until you are ready to card your way.
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