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How to Cashout PayPal Carding Tutorial 2021
Now, you MUST remember throughout reading this article as well as when you’ll start carding that this is 2021, so a lot of things have changed as far as the online security scene is concerned since the 2021 corona crisis that took the world by storm.

So the first thing is first, you will need to get a “Burner SIM Card” that you can get here on our site, (all links are placed at the bottom of this article for your ease) so set up a real Paypal account with that “burner sim” using your PrePay Credit Card to get a verified account status, the reason you have to use Prepaid CC is to verify your PayPal Account.

Once that is done then you will use the same “Burner Sim” to register yourself with “LiqPay” (yes LiqPay is a Ukrainian bank) From your PayPal account create a “donation button”, this is really easy to do, then using the CC’s you just added deposit some money using the donation button.

We suggest not to add too much in one go at the start so keep that under $50 per card and that is a good starting point. Now buy bitcoins using PayPal with the card by liqpay and then transfer your money to your BTC address, still confused?

Here is how it works step by step!

1. Get a Burner SIM card.

2. Set up a real Paypal account using your real credit card (Must get verified).

3. Register yourself on

4. Create a donation button on PayPal

5. Using your CC’s deposit some money through the donation button. (any amount under $50 for a starter)

6. Buy bitcoins using the PayPal card by LiqPay

7. Now send that money to your own BTC address

This is how you go about it and this was the first method, we hope it helped you understand how simple things are when you understand the mechanics of getting the job done!
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