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I am selling Chrome Extension Botnet [Cookie Stealing, 2FA Bypass, Form Grabber, WebInject, Clippe
I'm selling the Chrome Extension Botnet. We provide this service to you in two ways.

1.Application approved by the Chrome Web Store. It can be specially prepared according to your wishes or you can choose the applications we have available (Adblocker, Pdfreader, Instagram Photo Download, Cryptowallet).

The extension supports Chrome and Android OS. Optionally we can add MacOS development (You need to specify this!)

2. EXE Loader : It is delivered to you with a builder and the exe file you will create with the builder injects itself into chrome. It has the same functionality as the extension available in the market.

- It contains many persistence features, it can never be removed :)
- Anti-VM bypasses running in virtual machines.
- AMSI and Antivirus bypass
- And it includes many more features.

What Can You Do With the Extension Botnet?

1. You can get all the login information entered in the form. (Bank, Mail, Facebook etc.). So, the formgrabber feature.
2. You can get all the previously registered login information
3. With the cookie stealing feature, you can easily bypass protections like 2FA.
4. You can take advantage of the Clipper feature.(Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Dogecoin, Dashcoin, Stellar, Ripple and others. Any add/update request will be honored)
5. You can redirect to any page you want.(For example (when a request is made to, you can redirect to your own phishing page)
6. Webinject module.
7. ATSEngine module.
8. WebMiners
9. Clickjacking
10. Keylogging
11. It includes many more features. Updates/improvements are made upon request.

You can earn a lot of money by using this program that we have coded for a long time. With the right ads, you can infect thousands of people with this bot.(We have free support on this subject. How can I best spread it, how should I advertise, where should I do it, etc.). You can be sure that you will make a lot of profit with this program

If you buy the service, which is the Chrome Web Store, you will not have to worry about applying the crypter every time. You will only upload it once and you will start earning money.

You don't need to go through very sophisticated scenarios to get an Android Bot and install it on your target, and this bot works on both Windows and Android.Don't you think it's perfect?

NOTE: If you want this program for iPhone, you need to specify it because it is designed as "personalized" only and is not sold to anyone but you.

Payment: I prefer trought escrow(garant) for these amounts so we are both safe.

[Image: ZHd8pRV]

[Image: 4FH81BG]

[Image: zhYbHgy]

[Image: rZLRQdT]


Chrome Web Store -> 3000$
Exe Loader      -> 1500$

Contact PM or XMPP :
Paid adv. expire in 19 days
CLICK to buy Advertisement !

    Verified & Trusted Carded iPhone & Samsung Phones iPhone 13, 12, S21 ULTRA etc. +, Ant Miner & Macbooks

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