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I am selling Dumps Update 95% and cc
Hi All

I have Service Online and I'm looking for good buyer to work together for long Or Chashier he must send something before
I trust him if you can make deposit pls dont contact me

This is My Contact Information

ICQ : 817532

MAIL : [email protected]

I'm a hacker and legit businessman I have over 9 years of experience in hacker's world

Motto of work : Prestigious is top - Customer is God I'm looking for good partner and long-term business. Make money & Happy together Here are my Service

Dumps (track1 and track2) or (track1 and track2+pin)

100% VALID
LEVEL mixed
Gold MasterCard
MasterCard Standard
MasterCard Debit Standard Prepaid
MasterCard Business Card
MasterCard Commercial
MasterCard Platinum Card
MasterCard Standard
Visa Classic Credit
Visa Credit Gold
Visa Credit TravelMoney
Visa Platinum Credit
Visa Premier Credit
MasterCard Commercial Debit Card
MasterCard Debit Card
MasterCard Debit Gold Card
MasterCard Debit
MasterCard Debit Platinum
World Debit
Visa Business Debit Card
Visa Debit Signature Business
Visa ATM Debit
Visa Classic Debit
Visa Infinite Debit Card
Visa MasterCard/Eurocard Debit
Visa Platinum Debit
Visa Premier Debit
Visa Proprietary Debit Card
Visa Signature Debit Card
Visa TravelMoney Debit Card
Visa Signature Credit Card
MasterCard Platinum Card
MasterCard Black
MasterCard World Elite Card
Visa Signature Business Credit
Visa Corporate Credit Card
Visa Corporate Debit Card
and mores. ! MESSAGE ME FOR INFO

Track 1: B4867967032437166^AVALLONE/SONJA^13011010000000472000000
Track 2: 4867967032437166=13011010000047200000|United States|JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.|Visa|Platinum|101|Tr1+Tr2|
Pin code: 2269

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US Dumps , Canada Dumps , Australia Dumps , Europe Dumps , Asia dumps

All My Stuff are checked before sell Guarantee 24hr and change 100% with CC

I'm looking for good partner and long-term business. Make money & happy together

This is My Contact Information ):

ICQ : 817532

MAIL : [email protected]

I'M SELLER FOR: CC, CVV US,UK,CA, EURO,AU, Italian,Japan,France,...all cc !
CC fullZ info, CC DOB....for All !
I Have sell cvv Bin Level type GOLD - PLATINUM - BUSINESS

___CARD BIN____
+ BIN BUSNESS : 425907 424631 425907 425908 425914 479851 425909 ........
+ BIN STANDARD : 551939 514546 532605 542722 540168 514819 544446 .........
+ BIN WORK CARD: 546616 546619 546617 552318 546632 546630.........
+ BIN GOLD : 512107 544448 542432 512107 541065 544185 544113.........


( Here is my Conditions of Selling )
Stuffs are given to you only after payment.
I check Stuffs at the request of the customer.
I do not give any tests, please don't waste my time.
Payment via MoneyGram And Western Union
DO NOT email asking for tests, demos, freebies, telling me how you

got scammed and

crying and telling me I need to prove myself because your ass got ripped. I

do NOT have time

for noobs and cry babies. !!!
If you don't buy from me please don't spam me.

I very hate do spam or ripper and i don't want who spam me..

Thanks for your read my thread .

If you are seller please don't contact me.

Hope you are better customer and we can to work a long time.

Conditions Of Replacement )

I replace any kind of stuffs if its doesn't work and i change it instantly within 24hrs

This is My Contact Information ):

ICQ : 817532

MAIL : [email protected]

Kindly PM me

Payment methods PM(Perfect Money) BTC(Bitcoin) minimum orders by WU is 100$.
Thank you for read !

Dumps (track1 and track2) or (track1 and track2+pin)

100% VALID

This is My Contact Information

ICQ : 817532

MAIL : [email protected]

Have a nice day!
Paid adv. expire in 34 days
CLICK to buy Advertisement !


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