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I am selling New Prices & Services For All Transfers You Want All Countries
I Am Verified Seller Of Underground Black Market "I provide very cheap carded western union and money gram transfers directly to you."(I Will provide MTCN codes, receipts, etc.!) Prices are charged @ 10%: (I send in USD,GBP,EURO,etc as it will be automatically converted to your country currency after transfer).

Rate & Prices For Wu

€/£/$ 1500 You pay = €/£/$ 150 €/£/$ 2500 You pay = €/£/$ 250
€/£/$ 3000 You pay = €/£/$ 300
€/£/$ 5000 You pay = €/£/$ 500
€/£/$ 7000 You pay = €/£/$ 700

Info needed for Western Union & Money Gram:
* For WU transfers with Security Question and Answer options NO ID is necessary. (Not all countries available)

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address for western union to send you instant message with MTCN pickup details once transfer is completed or I can copy the data via pm or chat):

Western Union FAQ's:
Are WU & MG transfers risky?:
No risk as i will send mtcn and guarantee easy pickup.
Can I use my own name to pick up?
Yes you can but you can only use your name 2× a week for your safety. If you have family/friends that's ok or fake ID then you can do as many times you want in a week.
How long does it take to receive MTCN and pickup details after payment?
After escrow or I confirm the payment it usually takes 1 hour maximum.

Bank Transfers :-
I will use my personal method to transfer the required amount into your account and when it will be show fully transfered then my work will be over .
Note: I make clear payment so no dispute and no charge back chances.

Bank Transfers Rate:

 €/£/$ 2,000 You pay = €/£/$ 200  
 €/£/$ 2,500 You pay = €/£/$ 250  
 €/£/$ 5,000 You pay = €/£/$ 500  
 €/£/$ 10,000 You pay = €/£/$ 1,000  

Bank Transfer info Needed:
1: Account Number:
2: Iban Or Swift Code Or Routing Number Or Sort Code:
3: Bank Name:
4: Account Holder Name:

Paypal Transfer :
Using hacked and verified Paypal accounts to transfer funds from one Paypal account to another Paypal account. This is depends upon you and this is most safest way to earn money.

Paypal Transfer Rates :
  $1200 Transfer = You pay $150 Charges
  $1800 Transfer = You pay $200 Charges
  $3000 Transfer = You pay $250 Charges
  $5000 Transfer = You pay $400 Charges

Payment Method:
 1- Bitcoin
 2- Perfect Money

[email protected]
ICQ: 694700324
Paid adv. expire in 19 days
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    Verified & Trusted Carded iPhone & Samsung Phones: XS, XSMAX, 8+, 8, 7 Plus, S9+, Ant Miner & Macbooks

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