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Learning carding (Hacker Classes) With Nice hacker Carding King
Ever wanted to learn how to hack a shop for data? or to hack a major cooperation's website and deface it with your own Tag just for an ego boast?

Ever wanted to learrn SQL injections? Or maybe you wanted to learn how to harvest a powerful Botnet?

If the little voice in your head is answering or even screaming YES YES YES! Then welcome to the Master hacker Carding King

We teach complete subject areas not just a breif introduction. By the time you read through our ebooks and talk to our support teachers you will go from Special Needs disabled drooling hackers to Professor Grade A+ geniuses. Guaranteed.

Our teaching covers

- Full Scope Hacking - From PHP scripting, Coding/ Programming, SQL injection, Vulnerability sourcing.
- Botnet Harvesting
- Virus/ Malicious software delivery methods
- Soical Engineering methods and how to use it when hacking

Price: $250
Payment accept only via Bitcoin
- 90 Page Ebook
- 1 Year Support (answering all your questions and problem solving with you in real time)
- Quick Start hacking package including scripts, software, hackable website list (to practice on)

We guarantee to make you a real hacker or money back! By the time you are finished with out teaching you will never have to pay for data again because you will simply be able to hack it!

Thats a guarantee.

Email:[email protected]

ICQ:680 216 559
Paid adv. expire in 28 days
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