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PayPal vs CC Tutorial 2021 (What's the difference?)
The PP has two branches - brute and self-registers.
Brute accounts are accounts hacked using the brute-force method. Brutus now somehow gives up to 100 bucks, so we will not talk about him. Well, they stupidly bought an account, checked, flooded the CH e-mail, and somehow drove it in.
Self-registration is also a PayPal account, which we create ourselves, linking a bank account to it, after which we begin to drain money from the bank account in favor of our self-registration. This is already more interesting, since here you can swing your account, and how to buy things at this expense, and drain the money.
Those. the main goal of working with a stick is to drain the balance to your account. Simply put, in the end you get the money, or you waste it all on Apple products and other electronics, which you then send to the stingy ones.

Are there many nuances here?
Seriously, it's really a dick of any shit, both private and public, which must be taken into account. You cannot register self-registration from some Linken sphere, you cannot enter your account during a full moon, you need to flood CH's mail so that he does not notice the message.
You need to let the account rest, since you cannot create an account, and after 777 seconds, start pouring money into it.
In general, the wand is not for me, so I see an incredible amount of complexity, private information, and other shit here. I already have a bunch of leaked stick training and you know what? I haven't looked at one yet, because I'm reluctant. Where and from whom to buy training for PP - the dick knows it, honestly.
It's a fucking darknet where everybody cums and tries to fuck each other.
Imagine, there was one person whom I really believed, but in the end he disappeared somewhere, forgetting about his students. He seemed to be an adequate dude, he taught courses, people were supposedly happy, and then his student wrote to me and said that he answers everyone to fuck off and answered the question of what to do with the phrase "I don't know, pray, put a candle for Elon Musk". Sheer fucked up, really. Once again I am disappointed in the people I met on the dark.
In general, as I have already said for a long time, PayPal is one office with a capitalization exceeding Gazprom's. It is logical that the company is closing and patching holes, preventing every student from breaking through its defenses. Vaughn, according to many, the brute slowly flies off - it gives a lousy, then the checkers break, and the accounts are unusable, then the moon is full, and you can't drive in.
And for successful leaks and drives from self-registers, some kind of private info is required, which no one is particularly in a hurry to share.
When working with PayPal, you can make money, of course. Money and things "for free" are here, but they are hidden behind tons of private information.

Moving on to the cards, that is, to the CC
CC in general, CC is a credit card. Yes, you can beat it with a debit, but for a simpler reduction, everyone says cc, because it's easier that way. As for me, working with a central center is less fucking than with a PP, but a little more expensive in consumables.
Basically, everyone uses CC for clothing carding, i.e. buying things from foreign online stores. Dolce, Hugo, Gucci, Polo, Lauren.

In order to start with CC, you need:
1. To configure a machine is to install a virtual machine (or not), configure ssh tunnels or socks, replace WebRTC, and, in fact, that's it.
2. Find a store where we will shop.
3. Buy a card for a tunnel or a sock (or vice versa, buy a sock or a tunnel for a card).
4. Drive into the shop.
In general, that's all. You can, of course, flood CH mail so that he does not notice the message from the bank on debiting from the card, but this is usually not done. But killing unicorns and lighting candles at 11:59 pm and knocking on a drum is not necessary.
CC has all sorts of other gags, for example, Enroll. Enroll is when the dialer (or you) calls the bank and changes the cardholder's data to the data you need. For example, change the address of the CH to the address of your drop. And the possibility of the map in the shops increases markedly.

In general, the main and the simplest area of using cards is clothing carding.
In my opinion, CC is much easier to master. Configured, bought a card, hammered in.
No need to do some kind of top-up, wait 777 days before settling accounts.
Paid adv. expire in 27 days
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