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Please help// phising problem
This thread was last edited: 1 days ago

Hi people.

so i have a problem.
i just started using xampp and ngrok.
i made some cool phishing pages..

but ok.. for example:

i wanna peform a man in the middle attack, i do not have the knowledge to do all the coding etc.
so i found a way that i can also do: changing the host file of the victim.

i tried this on my own pc but everytime i go to it says * your connection is not private*

how can i fix this?

and how can i perform a man in the middle attack at a coffeeshop (public)

BTW: i have a 32bit laptop with windows 7

also: a week ago i was robbed of my bitcoins by a hacker that did the same.  through man in the middle, he redirected me from to bitcrian.. whatever.
bye bye 120 euros...anyways.. thats the moment i wanted to do the same.

can anyone help me?
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Hi if you want to be doing man in the middle attacks, I would recommend kali linux, instead of windows 7, read this