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Professional FTP iframer FTP Administrator v3
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Offered to your attention FTP administrator. - Works on all Win-NT systems. User-friendly interface. - Ckrytny operation on Dedikov. the ability to clock processing. - Control of the links VPN, support for the fourth and fifth socks. - Configuration limit the use of one Sox (bypassing the ban on 1

- Several modes: cheking, contamination, cleaning, searching, pinger, test PR, gluing exe. - Configurable multi-threading. competent distribution FTP servers flows. - The configuration of timeouts. - Work with all standard list format akkov, unlimited in volume. - Ability to pick akkov to external URL-links, where they are updated. - Filtering duplicate and anonymous ftp when loading / updating the sheet. - Specifying the domain zones of different countries to ignore. - Export proven both on the status of accounts, and in PR.

- Comfortable frame editor for various treatments. Collecting found frames competitors. - Ability to control that only your frames stood on the servers. - Is recognized as a common JS-frames, and on every encoded. - There is a little-known method of encoding a frame and install it. - Possibility to install the update via redirect .htaccess.

- Support for all standard CMS, multiple file extensions pages. - Infection of consecutive pages, or only specified. - Search pages in the specified folder or all the installation depth of the search. - Limiting the number of folders, where their number tends to infinity. - Configuration pages to ignore a certain text. - Ability to rename / replace / delete files by masks. - The ability to replace text on your pages. - Ability to backup infected files.

- Collection prignasitelnyh banners ftp servers with their versions.- Availability of domains by ip in ftp akkov (reverse-DNS).- Ability to replace the rights to the file command CHMOD.- Ability to download the required files to your server next to infected websites.- Search mode files: both extensions and the title.- Ping mode to filter the database of millions of domains fast speeds.- Bonding with your exe found exe-file, checking the integrity of the resulting file.- Ability to use Joyner for personal use from the command line.- Limiting the maximum size of the binary file for the infection.- Detailed statistics and debug for all types of work.- Sessions. The ability to export and import.- The ability to autosave sessions every few seconds.

[Image: 843f03f54ebfafad8a8b8dce2cc857af.jpg]

Provided readme starting in PDF. 

[Image: 3a4bfa4068678dc076013d2d46bdcf86.jpg]

Basic License 30 $ (updates surcharge) VIP License 80$ WMZ PerfectMoney/ BTC (without binding, updates are free of charge)
Possible extension of the base to the VIP.

Accept PerfectMoney And BTC Bitcoin

Price = 30 $

jabber  [email protected]

icq   =   687268202
Paid adv. expire in 19 days
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