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Working SBA Loan Method
Updated May 2021

If for any reason this SBA guide does not work for you, do not worry.
You can use your High credit score Fullz that has a full credit report and background report to apply for smaller personal loans $500 - $2000.
You can use one fullz to apply for 3 – 5 loans like this, so you can make over $2000 per Fullz.

Join to my profile above and stay tuned as I will share the guide for loans with numerous loan websites for FREE.
You must cashout one way or the other.

I will also be organizing live classes on, SMS spamming, Bitcoin stealer.
Make easy money with Bitcoin Investment Scam, Grant format, Getting your own Fullz with CR and BG, How to edit documents like driving license, bank statements etc. for verification purposes. Plus so much more.

SBA has become difficult these days I won’t lie, they still paying but it a bit tougher than previously. Only a few getting paid with the latest wave. The verification is a bit difficult these days so you need to make sure Ssn you are using is good with high credit score, or else they will just disqualify you and won’t pay u anything.

With this new upgrade on the SBA site, if your credit score is low, just forget applying for it, you will waste your time.

The secret is to get Fullz with high credit score (700+) and get the credit report and background report as most of the verification questions comes from them. If you can fulfill this you will increase your chances of getting paid to 80%.

Read below for more tips you need to cashout

Don’t edit your Electronic disbursements more than twice.

If you are able to get 3 of the 4 background questions, you are good to go.

The IP you used to do the first loan application, should be the same IP you use for the second application and it is advisable to get same state IP as the fullz you using. And If you started with phone, finish the job with a phone, if you started with a PC, finish all the application with PC even after the emails.

Make sure the credit score of the ssn you used is high and not low; this is a loan so they don’t pay to just anyone whom they feel can’t pay back.

The probability of them paying the money is higher if the name on the loan application is the same as the bank receiving the money.
SBA no longer accepts prepaid cards, so if you applied with prepaid cards they won’t approve you. They only take Bank account.

If they can’t verify you, they might call the phone number you write there, so make sure the number on the SBA application is either your number (you can put app numbers there) or it your client number (provided she can talk to them for you).

I think I've done enough Now go yea to the world and Cash out.
BUT GET THIS. Especially for beginners.

I'm all about transparency, if you guys have been in this game, you know you won't succeed at the first try. You have to keep trying

Patience is KEY.


So let's start.

Tools Needed:
1. Make sure you have FULLZ with Name, SSN, DOB, Address information, background information account to help you bypass any verification questions [ (not free)] and Full Credit Report. Fullz Credit Score must be at least 700.
2. Bank Account Drop With same Fullz Details (Suntrust, Tdbank or Wellsfargo good. You can use the fullz with BG Report and Credit Report to open one easily) once the money has entered your bank account, you can add the bank to cashapp and buy bitcoin, or add it to venmo, paypal etc. that’s how to get the cash from the bank used for the loan.

Where to get the Tools
1. FULLZ – You can get from any legit vendor you know of or anywhere then you get the credit report and Background Report yourself. Check list of sites below to get them. If you find it difficult getting the CR = Credit Report and BG = Background Report you can buy the fullz that comes with CR and BG from (You Can Also Get Editable PSD Templates for verification like Bank Statements, Utility bill, passport, Driving License etc..). Also for the fullz, you can buy or get any cheap fullz from any verified sellers and use their service to get the credit report and background check
2. Just use the Fullz Details to open any of these accounts (, or any solid bank can work but these are the ones I have tried) Use RDP and 911
3. Socks get it from
4. RDP just get any US Rdp with admin access ( or are the ones I use)
5. Credit Report Sites
This sites below are to check credit scores:
(But use USA IP to access the site below)
Getting the credit report Is still tricky, if you find it difficult just buy from verified sellers.

Setup 911 on the RDP to apply for both for the bank and this SBA Loan following the guide below.

If you want complete fullz with Credit Report and Complete Background Report, you can buy it easy from $ 1

So Lets Get Started with the main Guide
If you have noticed, I talked about credit report and background report a lot. It is 100% necessary to succeed with this SBA. Do not just think with just the Fullz details you will succeed. Get a credit report with High Score and A Back Ground Report because the verification questions will come from them.

I want all of you to work on this… even newbies are seriously cashing out from it.


Just yesterday.

• First of all, go to this website to access the SBA LOANS
COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan
This loan provides economic relief to small businesses and nonprofit organizations that are currently experiencing a temporary loss of revenue.


Click on APPLY HERE.


Choose The option marked by the arrow in the pic.


Mark all options here… ensure you mark all…


For the Business and Trade Name, Put the First and Last Name of the ssn info you using.

Organization type put sole proprietorship.

Put the ssn info of the client there, and choose Sole Proprietorship. If asked about Non-Profit Organization choose NO... is applicant a franchise… no


For the Gross Revenue, put any amount above $150,000
For the cost of goods, write anything Above $50k
For the rental properties, write anything below $35k


From the Non-Profit to the Compensation Sources, you can leave those boxes empty.


When they ask for Business address, Put the Address of the Ssn information you are using there.


You can use any phone Number there, but you must create a new email either using gmail or Hotmail and put it there as the Business Email


With the Business Activity, Choose anything related to Sales or business information or Retail.
Now this is the most IMPORTANT, when they ask for employees, put in any number between 10 and 17, this will make you eligible for high amount.

Now most of the details I used there, I don’t hide any.
I know some persons here will use the exact same thing i am using.
Use your common head and make your work different from others.


At this page, Choose NO


Write the same information on the ssn info you are using, with Ownership percentage, write between 100 - 80 and you can choose either Owner or CEO as title.


Choose NO for all the questions on this page.


Leave this whole page blank.


This is where you will write the account info of the account you want to receive the money into. But NOTE: Make sure the name on the application is the same as the name on the account to receive the money or else they won’t approve nor pay.


Check this box and hit ‘next’
Make sure the information is correct for the last time, here is the Business information U filled.
Make sure the information is correct for the last time, here is the Business Owners information U filled.


Application has now being submitted It takes more time now before they send you approval email.
Then you will be asked to review the amount.


Now After 24-48hrs you will receive an email telling you that your SBA application is ready for next step and you are to “CREATE ACCOUNT”.
Note: it now takes longer than 24 hrs. so be patient.
Be careful also with your IP once they detect variation or changes on IP, they might suspect something and probably decline your stuff.
Click on Create Account and you will be opened to a new page.


Now on this page, you will be asked to review the Loan amount, and then Continue to Verify the identity.


With the Electronic Disbursements, you can review the account you want the payment to be sent to, you can change the account there or keep it like that, this will be your last chance to make this changes.


Once you confirm the receiving account, it will be marked completed.


Next stage will be the verification stage.
This is what is cutting some guys out.


As usual, you will be asked question about your date of birth, your associated address and associated relatives.

If you get more than one question wrong, your identity won’t be Able to be verified, if you get this, then you are not getting paid, forget it.
This is where you will need the help of your client or truthfinder.

And that's all.

You can use sites like to get background info about someone.
The free site to check background info is no longer working which is

Don’t be stingy.
If you cash out something, don’t forget to send token.

Don’t listen to anyone that tells you that SBA no longer pays.
SBA still pays they are even planning on adding more funds to the system.


Like I always say, if you get something like this, don’t just waste your time.
Paid adv. expire in 28 days
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