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Selling d mps

текст объявы -

Selling d umps.ICQ 2-277-277

Good day, ladies and gentlemen’s!!!!
With gladness we present you our service on the sale of d umps.

Our prices:

Vi sa Classic – 20$
Vi sa Gold – 30$
V sa Platinum – 32$
Vi sa Business/Signature – 35$
V isa Corporate/Purchasing – 40$

Master Card Classic – 20$
Master Card Gold - 30$
Master Card Platinum – 34$
Master Card Corporate/Business – 37$
Master Card World – 37$

Discover – 35$
American Express – 23$

Vi sa/MC Classic - 35$
V isa/MC Gold - 40$
Vi sa/MC Platinum – 45$
Vi sa/MC Business etc – 48$

On the purchase of large volumes of commodity discounts are given. Discounts are talked about individually.

Our rules:
1. We dont have du mps+pin (du mp+pin=cash, only RIPPERS sell cash), cvv, bank logins and other.
2. We don’t know the balance.
3. Replacement rules - it is replaced decline and hold, you are obliged to inform us on the bad du mps in a current of 24 hours. After the lapse of specified time of the demand for replacements are not accepted. Before sale we can check up the du mps, and transfer to you guarantee the working d umps, in this case replacement is impossible, or to transfer the du mps "as is", with possibility of the subsequent replacement. This decision on your discretion.
4. We don’t give free test. We are not SANTA. You do not ask to give you FREE one d amp, not outlay our and us the time. NO MONEY - NO HONEY. These are the general rules of the market. Gravity of the seller is not defined on, whether it will give you the test or not. But if you BUY our GOOD stuff, you will earn much more.
5. The du mps will be sent during 1-24 hours after getting the whole order payment. Your goods will be sent you as soon as probably quickly, to write insults and charges before proprocession of 24 hours are useless)), our employees too people and too it is necessary for them to go out of doors, eat, sleep, and to have a rest.
6. We don't replace the du mps for the reason that the bin you asked didn't worked in you area. You should know what is working in your area.
7. Binlist on demand, also, if the bin necessary to you is absent in our binlist, we can check up presence of this bin at our partners, but it will occupy hardly more time.
8. Minimal order –200$ WU. Only for first deal – 100$. Awake to escape to accept from you the order through WU less, than for 100 dollars - a direct way to the list ignored. Our drop not interestingly to ride in a WU, to get a money on a 1 litre of sprite. If you need to check up me and quality of my d umps. You can buy so much, how many it is necessary for you (there is no minimum sum of the order), having made payment through WebMoney!!!
9. When i have status N/A just leave ur message i will answer when get back, dont need send 1000messages. I always answer to you.
10. Consultations I do not give, on abstract themes I do not talk. Only sale.
11. Doing the order, you confirm that agree with all rules set forth above.

Our contacts:
ICQ : 2-277-277

Contact us, for more information
See you there.
Paid adv. expire in 19 days
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