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What is the best VPN to use for RATS?

This thread was last edited: 25 days ago

i use vpn to forward my port is that correct to use with rat server or virus ?
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I don't know if it is the "best" but I use airvpn and it has features that are awesome to use for RATing. It has dynamic port-forwarding, so even when you port forward it forwards to an internal IP address so your IP still isn't exposed; you can have like 10 or 20 (I forgot b/c it is more than I would ever use) ports forwarded; and to top it off it has DDNS, so instead of putting an IP the RAT will be connecting to you can chose an address ( (yourchoice) and so long as you set that with your forwarded ports you don't have to worry about the IPs you are using.

Before I had only used the small (as in you know someone in a hacking forum who is selling it) vpns, so maybe most vpns have those features (just ordered nvpn in addition to have as my vpn that I never expose my real IP to (use air, then open up a VM and use NVPN in it or I plan on using tails and use Tor to connect to it) so I will have another fairly well known VPN to compare it to) , but I have definitely enjoyed having them and it eliminates the need for no-ip which I have heard may not be 100% trustworthy.

air costs like 7 euros a month, so like $8; maybe slightly more expensive
thx for share

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