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need guy who can cash my stuff
Information for all good moneymakerz:

I. I look for the person, capable to cash money from bank accounts in UK. I provide accounts. There is an opportunity to get any other accounts (other countries also) if you have a way to cash them with the guaranteed success. The people which methods of success don't guarantee don't interest.
DONT need drops! I have reputation since 2009. Escrow welcome, also i can show any proof anytime.

II. Sell moneymakerz stuff.

- bank logins (for sale and for cashout), other accts like poker accts, paypal, ebay, neteller, moneybookers etc etc (any stuff from uk logs)
- cvvs:
Usa - 3-6 usd per 1
CA - 8-9 usd per 1
EU, Asia - 15 usd per 1
AU, GB- 10-15 usd per 1
СС + VBV (MCSC) code UK - 100-120 usd per 1
US fullz
- SSN+DOB 6$
- sell botnets (the unique offer in the market now!)

Its not my general business, but possible:

- Full info for person(full background - Autos,Real property,Relatives etc.) - $25 - Driver Licence - 15$ - Business Report - 35$ - Credit report - $30 - Employer Info - 15$ - Motor Vehicle - 15$ - Real Property - 15$

- Dumps:
USA - 25-40 usd per 1 Canada - 40-55 usd per 1 EU and World: (101) - 100-120 usd per 1 EU and World: (201) - 70-90 usd per 1

Terms of work:
- Bitcoin, Perfect money, WU (drop fee), MG (drop fee)
- Dumps (track2+track1 (sometimes) without pin (dont waste time for talk shit).
- Sending stuff withing 24 hours after full payment received (depend how i busy, sometimes at once).
- replace time for non checked ccs and dumps - 24h
- Dont have min order, but if u use wu or mg drop fee 8% but not less then 50 usd. i use drop service only

III. Any OTHER moneymakerz ideas welcome here!

Welcome here:
jabber [email protected]
icq 654554938
email [email protected]
Paid adv. expire in 19 days
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Rippper becareful.....

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